Harvest Moon

I am not too much into video games. Well, at least playing them. I love watching people play them. Main reason is that I stink at them. There has been a few games that I have been able to play with much success. One of them is Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

Plot – “Firstly, players are enlisted by the Harvest Sprites to awaken the Harvest Goddess, who has turned herself to stone out of melancholy at the townspeople’s disregard. To do this, players must gather musical notes by achieving various chores and milestones. Collecting at least fifty out of a total of one hundred notes allows the player to create the titular magical melody that will revive the village’s protectress.
Secondly, the player is able to woo and eventually marry one of the townspeople. Players have the option of either a male or female character in the GameCube version.[9] Each gender has a choice of ten potential spouses of the opposite sex, along with the androgynous rival Jamie who is eligible for either player gender.” – from Wikipedia

It is a farming simulation game. So you have to grow crops, tend to animals , go mining for gems and ores for money, all while trying to become friends with the town folks. Right now, I am trying to make enough money so I can start to get a bigger house, woo a potential husband, and make a lot of new friends.

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