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Some information about the links I posted.

Naka-Kon – I worked at this convention for the past three years. So it has a special place in heart. So, if are in the KC area or just like Anime and Manga, I highly recommend you stop by this convention.

Dumb tech Geek – This is blog belongs to a friend of mine. He talks about all kind of things. Also posts some interesting some interesting links on his page as well.

Japanese words of anime fans, by anime fans, for anime fans – It has guy(Bangin) who does some great cosplay and takes some great cosplay pictures as well. I wish my cosplays looked as good as his. He also talks about other things but cosplay is the main thing I have found since I started read his blog.

Tenipuri no Sekai – Keeps me up to date on the new Teni Puri stuff coming out in Japan. She (I believe it is a she) translates the japanese pages to english for us people who can not read japanese. I love to oogle at all the new stuff.

Toyko Moe – This is just a fun blog about the Japanese culture. This were I found the “Japanese word…” blog at.

Nemu-Nemu– A cute webcomic about two plush dogs who come to life and there life with there owners, Anise and Kana.

Questionable Content – What can I say? It is great fun to read.
“The plot centers on Marten Reed, an indie rock aficionado; his roommate, Faye Whitaker; and Faye’s boss (later Marten’s girlfriend), Dora Bianchi. Supporting characters include employees of the local coffee shop, neighbours and anthropomorphized personal computers.” – From its Wikipedia page
On my friends, said I was like Marigold. In some ways yes and in some ways no. But I did dress up like her for halloween last year.

Megatokyo – This was my first webcomic. It is a story about Piro and Largo, two American gamers, travel to Tokyo on a whim and find they can’t afford tickets home and the antics that in sued.

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