Thanks Goodness for National Pretzel Day!!

After Depressing myself at work, I thought I would treat myself to a pretzel(or two.) Nothing cheers up a person like nice healthy Junk food! Pretzel time at the mall was giving was giving away free pretzels to anyone who came up and said “Free National Pretzel Day.” So I got my free pretzel and walked the lower level of the mall. Did a little window shopping and got myself another free pretzel at the other store(our mall rocks. TWO Pretzel Times stores!!) By now, I was getting a little thristy so I went over to sonic and got myself a fresh fruit slush (not free.) Walked the upper level of the mall. At the sprint kiosk, I had a guy try and sell me a new phone. Even though I already have a new sprint phone. Finish up my window shopping at FYI. Why are anime box sets so expensive?

Now I am little happier after my free pretzel outing but now not hungary for dinner! oops!
Now a little history about this wonderful day,
“It started 27 years ago, in 1983, when a Pennsylvania congressman wanted a special day named for his favorite food. The tradition has since spread across the country, although it’s not officially recognized.”
Thank you Mister Congressman for this free food!!

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