TV Shows

Over the past few months, I have been watching classic TV shows on the internet. My current show I have been watching is MacGyver. CBS has six seasons of MacGyver online under their Classic TV section. Before that I was watching Magnum P.I., Love Boat, quantum Leap and some Knight Rider. I know that some of the shows are not possible in real life but that is why I watch TV is to get away from Real life. With what is on TV today, i preferred to watch shows from the past. I do have some shows that I watch from TV. The main show that I watch is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (original one.) I was sad when the William Peterson decided to leave the show because his character Grissom was main of reasons why I liked the show. I was little worried when they brought in Lawrence Fishburne (to “replace” Grissom.) He has been good addition, no Grissom but that was to be expected. Some of the other shows I watch are House, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Bones, Burn Notice, Dirty Jobs, Modern Marvels, and few Food Network shows. Which is a small number of shows compared to what is out there in T.V. world.

I have watched some Japanese T.V shows but I have they have to be sub-titled.

For all you people read this blog or find it by accident, please tell me some of your favorite shows you watch?

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