Prince of Tennis Musicals (TeniMyu)

I am totally in love with TeniMyu (otherwise known as Prince of Tennis Musicals)

I love how they match songs to the player’s characters (personalities.) Plus it does not hurt that they casted hot Japanese guys to play the parts. They did a good job of making the guys look like the actual characters. The directors and everyone worked hard to make them awesome. I have only seen the early ones (due to my lack of understanding Japanese.) but the later ones look to be just as awesome.

Plus I also love the POT anime and manga before I heard that there were musicals. I bought CD box set on the internet, thinking it was POT anime related songs. But when they arrived it was the first 5 musicals soundtracks. I listened to them and wanted to watch the actual musicals. So I went online to look for them, I found someone who had them online BUT they were not subtitled. BOO! So I had go hunt some more for subtitled versions. I did find some and downloaded them. I fell in love with them. Plus the storylines of the musicals, pretty follow the POT anime story line. So I have a basic idea of what is going on.

I have watched some other anime related musicals and they were painful. I may have watched not a good one or something but it was so bad that I could not stop watching it.

After watching the first musical, I became more of Kawamura fan. Not that I did not like in Anime, he was just not one of my favs, But Yoshitsugu Abe did such a good job that he cause Taka to move up in my POT favorite characters list. People who know me know that my favorite POT charater is Kunimitsu Tezuka. So I was a little scared of the people who play Tezuka. BUT my fears were not need, because Takigawa Eiji and Shirota Yuu did a kick-a@@ job as Tezuka!!!


Tezuka - Yuu

Tezuka - Eiji

In closing, until I can understand Japanese to the point that I can watch un-subtitled Japanese shows with ease, I will continue to listen and watch hot Japanese guys dance and sing in the wonderful world of Prince of Tennis Musicals.

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  1. hello nice to meet you

    Im a guy so i wouldnt agree to that fully but , thats awesome you want to be able to watch anime unsub. and understand it no much people can do it.

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