Video Games

p3fI have official finished my first video game!! It was Persona 3 FES. Yeah, it may have been on easy BUT for me it was hard for me. I played ¾ of the game without cheats or walkthroughs. Basically the last ¼ of the game was bit harder than the first part (yeah yeah I know it should be harder. I was harder for me to do without help.) I have tried many other video games but I never finished them because I would get to a spot where I could get pass. I would try quite a few times before I would give up. I do not know why this game was different from the others. Every time I would start a new game, I would be excited ready to play than it would go down from there. I did take a couple months from the game, for reasons not related to this topic.

Right now, I am three musical notes away from completing the “main” game of Game Cube Version Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. Once you get 50 musical notes you will bring the Harvest Goddess back to life. While in the process of playing this game, I successful broke a Game cube controller. Granted it was a used and it was 3rd party model BUT still ME broke a video game controller. That is just soo cool! For my replacement controller, I got the exact type of controller as the one I broke. I believe I only have one game cube game so I did not need to get a “brand new” controller.

Once I finish that game, I have two games in the waiting to be played. They are Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy. Yes I have mild addiction to the Harvest Moon games. But in the Animal parade version you can have a penguin…yes a PENGUIN for a pet. I totally love penguins! So that is what got me hooked into this game. Also, you have the ability to marry the Harvest King. Who is not bad looking… here is a picture of him.Harvest King

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