My Journey to Update my Android Phone

Sprint HeroI have a HTC Hero by Sprint. I was wondering if I could upgrade my phone to Android 2.0. So I did some searching and found that there is update for my phone but Sprint is not going to push it out to the Hero. So if I wanted the update I would have to do it myself. I was thinking this would not be too hard, so I decided to do it.

I went to the HTC website and downloaded the update. Also on the page, I found out with this upgrade I would lose all my data. It told me I could back up my data via a Google account or HTC Sync or SIM card or 3rd party software. Since Sprint does not have Sim cards and I do not use Outlook that left me with Google option and 3rd party software. I have a Google account for my phone, so I thought I could upload my contacts to Google. OH NO!! That would have been too easy! I had come to find out that I saved all my contacts to phone and not to Google. So I need to get third party software. I went to Android market and found “My Backup.” There is a free and pay version. I downloaded the free version and I was able to backup all my data and contacts to my SD card.

When I finished that , I plugged my phone into my PC and was ready to update. Then my computer asked for a specific driver, so I googled for the driver and found that I had to download the Android SDK for the driver. I had to go to the android developers website to get the SDK. I downloaded the SDK and started the install. BUT something happened in the download and I had to re-download SDK. After I download it for the second time and it installed correctly. The installation took about hour or so because I downloaded the whole thing. I had no idea how to just download the part with the driver(still don’t). NOW I hooked my phone back to my computer and run the update. Things were looking up until it asked for another DARN DRIVER. This time told it to look for that driver on my computer, hoping it would be in the SDK. It was and I was able to update my phone to 2.1.

After three days of aggravation, I was able to use Éclair on my phone. Now I re-downloaded “My Backup” from the market and added my contacts and applications back to my phone. My phone works fine from what I can tell.

Now the big question from all of this, was it worth it? From what I can tell so far, yes it was worth it. Plus it was a learning experience. If you do try this and you need a backup software, I would recommend “My Backup”. I hope this can help other Sprint Hero users, with updating their phones

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