Second Sewing Project – Completed

At last, I am finished with my second sewing project for my pregnant friends. It got put on hold due various reasons. My second project is Twilight quilt. She is a huge twilight fan and she also lives up North so a blanket would be good thing to have. This was my first time making a quilt, so there was a learning curve. The version you see in the picture is actually the second version of the quilt. The first version had quite a few visible “oops” on it. So I decided to start over but I was able to make a smaller one for baby out of it. I was able to finish the smaller one in time for her baby shower she had here.

I also found that iron-on transfers are evil. I will not say how many transfers I went through to get what is on the final product but it was a lot. Yes they look easy but they deceiving.

As you can this Team Edward quilt. She is very much a Edward Fan!!!

Finished Twilight Blanket

center portion of blanket

Baby Version

When I decide to make another quilt, I will start with a smaller one and work my way up. Also I will try and make a more traditional quilt. This one is a square quilt. All I did is sew up on the Rows and Columns.

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