My first JPop CD

My first JPop CD came in the mail a little while ago. I purchased Limited edition ANATOMIZE by Kimeru from CD Japan. It was same price as the regular edition and also came with a picture, so I was like what the heck. When I opened the package, I found my CD and an actual picture on photo paper. I was not expecting an actual picture; I was looking for some mini paper poster-like picture. So now, I want to find a photo frame for the picture.

Free Gift

The CD case is red plastic and not clear like most. What is nice is that all the song titles are in English but all the songs lyrics are in Japanese. The booklet has some cute/hot pictures of him. So I scan them, so everyone can enjoy the wonderful pictures.

I wanna this outfit! Totally Cute!! I would like him as well

I will go hiking with you!! ;o)

I wish I was the tree.

Soo Hot!


After I listened to the CD, I really liked Crossing, 4D and Melkey. It has a good mix of fast moving and mellow songs. So please go out and purchase the CD. I have purchased his Discovery Album from iTunes.

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3 Responses to My first JPop CD

  1. moonbutterfly617 says:

    You’re soo lucky~~
    I bought ANATOMIZE (limited edition) too, but I didn’t get a picture… T^T
    Oh well, there’s always more singles/albums~~

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