Why can’t comic book heroes stay dead?

This article contains some spoilers about some comic book heroes’ lives.

I was reading an article about the new captain American movie at work. Since I do not have much knowledge about comic book heroes like Captain America, I decided to read up on him. While I was reading the article said that the original version was shot in the chest and died at the hospital. Some of his friends decided to bury him in the arctic. Also, his friends had found someone to take his place as Captain America. This sounded like a nice way to end that version of captain America.

I know this is fantasy and I do give it quite a bit of leeway in what goes on BUT why did you have to bring back the original version when you already have a good replacement in place? I understand him coming back in flashbacks but PHYSICALLY bring him back to life is silly. The way they brought him back to alive is ridiculous. I mean if you are going to bring someone back to live do it in way that makes since with what had already been written. What they did was, when he was shot in the chest it caused him to transport to a certain point in space and time. If this happen, then who or what went to the hospital and was buried in the arctic. I don’t know too many hospitals that treat corporal beings (ghosts) in comic books.

I know is sounds like I dogging on Captain America, I am not. He is the freshest one in my mind. I know they have done this same thing to other characters in the comic book world, I have read about some others. Another one is Superman. I heard about from an article I was reading. So one day I was at Borders and decided to see how they killed him off. I found the book in was in and read the 10 pages or so. I was like okay; that was nice way to end his story. BUT then a few months later, I heard that they were going to bring back. AGHHHHH. I was like why did you kill him in the first place. I mean if you want him alive KEEP him alive!! How hard is that????

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