My new Prince of Tennis Blanket

I found out about these blankets from my friend ponytail over at (Ponytail in LalaParadise). When they first came out they sold out quick! But one day when I was pre-ordering my new Kimeru CD Pollux from CD Japan, I found out that they were being re-issued. I was like I need one of these. The only two that was available was Yukimura from Rikkaidai and Shirashi from Shitenhoji. I got Yukimura. I had to purchase him from Ami Ami because he was sold out on CD Japan. Boy is Yukimura yummy lookin’. The blanket is made with satin on front and cottony/fleece on the back. It is very soft to the touch and pretty warm. The blanket is not as long as I would like but hey I have smexy bishie to sleep with! ;o)

The box and the packing materials. Note the Fragile on the box 🙂

The first peek of Yukimura from box.

Up close picture of the front of the box. The box says “Sleeping Prince”.

The back of the box.

The top half of the blanket. I just removed it from the box. It was still a little wrinkly. He has a sexy look on going on.

The bottom half of the blanket. Enter your own comments here! *wink wink*

Full length picture with a yard stick to show length. It is a little shorter than a yard.

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1 Response to My new Prince of Tennis Blanket

  1. Ponytale says:

    Yukimura looks fabulous! They should have made a full body version of the blanket cos it makes me wanna see more of him DX

    Looking forward to your review of the upcoming blankets 😀

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