Eiji Takigawa – Major Hottie from Japan

I met Eiji when I watched Kamen Rider Kiva. He played Riki. After I finished Kiva, I went looking for pictures of Riki and could not find any. SOOO, I re-watched kiva and took screen shots of him from the series. Not everybody can pull off the apron and still look Smexy!!!

Then I started watching the Prince of Tennis Musicals and found out that he played TEZUKA . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
If you did not know by now, I am in love with Tezuka from PoT. He looks pretty good as Tezuka.

So now I am a total Takigawa Eiji fan!! Here is some great websites for Eiji information.

Lots of YUMMY Pictures of Eiji: Eiji pictures
More pictures and information: Eiji Pictures 2
A livejournal account for Eiji Information (not updated recently): Treasure of Age

Kimeru’s Timeless Music Video pictures: My New Kimeru single CD, Timeless
His official website: Takigawa Eiji Website
One of his official websites: Ys Creation

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