My Black Friday….Well my Black Thursday experience

I was reading the Black friday ads and found that Walmart was selling all seasons of the Big Bang Theory for $10 each at 10pm. So I decided to brave the crowds and try the my luck at pick all or some of the Big Bang. I left my place at around 9:10pm and drove to Walmart. When I got there the lot was pretty full but not totally filled. So I parked and walked inside. Early I had printed out a map of the store where all the special sale items were going to be at. I immediately went to where the movies were at and stood with everyone else. I lucked out and stood right where the Big Bang DVDs were located. There was nice lady who made a complete DVD sets for herself, the guy standing next to me and myself. This was before the allotted time to open the DVD Crates. Sooo I had all my Big Bang before the stampede started. Which I think made some people upset. I also found that Firefly was in another bin for $10. A really nice guy grabbed me and another woman a copy for us. Once I had my DVD, I was soo out of there!!!

Side note – On my way to Walmart I pass by a building that has a Best Buy and Pet Smart in it. My first thought was ” Why are people camping out for Pet Smart??” Than I realized I was an idiot and those people were in line for Best Buy not Pet Smart!!

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