More Prince of Tennis Blankets Information

Thanks to my friend, Ponytale, I was able to procure two more Prince of Tennis blankets! πŸ™‚ This time I got TEZUKA from Seigaku and Atobe from Hyotei. Well…You should know that the Tezuka blanket was no brainer! As for Atobe, I wrestled with the idea and gave in. Do not get me wrong Atobe is favorite non-Seigaku player. The blankets are made with satin on front and cottony/fleece on the back (same as Yukimura). It is very soft to the touch and pretty warm. The blankets are still not as long as I would like but hey I have smexy bishies to sleep with! ;o)

Yah! My Boxes arrive!!!!

I opened the boxes but do not know who is in which box. Let’s find out!!!!

TA DA!! Its Tezuka and Atobe!!! Hello Guys!!!

What the boxes look like outside the shipping package!!!

Removed the blankets from the boxes and placed them next to the boxes.

YATTA!They are Free!

Top Half of Atobe!

Bottom Half of Atobe!

Top half of Tezuka!!!

Bottom Half of Tezuka!!!

Here are all my blankets together on my couch. I have one sexy couch!! I have to say out of all the blankets Yurimura has the sexiest look about him. Tezuka is learning english, so he can talk to me! Atobe is just being atobe!

What do you guys think???

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1 Response to More Prince of Tennis Blankets Information

  1. ponytale says:

    Thanks for the review! Wow, the blankets and the poses look great! All of them look so hot! They really should have been full-length. It’s a real pity the boys are cut off at the legs DX

    Hehehe is Tezuka also said to be learning English in the manga/anime? πŸ˜€

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