Prince of Tennis one-coin chibi figurines

OMG!!! They are soooooooo cute!!!! I almost did not get them due to an email getting lost from Ami Ami. So with futher ado …here they are.

Just opened the box. Here we go!!!

YAH!!! I love the Chibis on the box top!!

Another view of the box top!!

Back of the box. They are backgrounds for the figures!!!

All ten boxes!!!

One side of the box

Other side of the box

My first box!! Let’s see who is inside.

I like how Tezuka is on the top with Shiraishi. Also like how they put Atobe and Yukimura on the bottom of the box. I do not know what they are saying but I can only imagine.

Here he is number one…Yushi Oshitari!

Box number 2. Lets see who it is!

IT’S TEZUKA!!!! WOOO HOOO!! He is such a cutie!!!! I love the little glasses!!!

It’s Niou Masaharu!

It’s Seiichi Yukimura.

We are at the half point. Let’s see who is number five!

It is Ryoma! Look he has a tennis racket.

Welcome Atobe Keigo!

Hiya Kenya Oshitari.

Its cutie…Shusuke Fuji!

It is the Secret character…Senri Chitose

The last box. 😦

Ta da…Kuranosuke Shiraishi

Aftermath of my box opening! I did keep the box they came in and one little box.

Here is everyone standing on the box!!

Doesn’t it look like my bigger Tezuka and Fuji figures are babysitting the chibi figures!!

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