My Trip to Japan!!

This year I was able to go to Japan! WOO HOO!!! I was in Japan for about 11 days. I got to see Osaka, Kurashiki, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo. I went with a group of people from the local Japan-American Society. This was my first time leaving the USA and my first Loooooooog airplane ride. So I was able to watch 4 movies to help kill the time. I landed in Kansai international in Osaka. It was here where I got my first of many drinks from a vending machine.

I was happy that we landed here because it is the hometown of Takigawa Eiji!!! It am huge fan of his!! No I did not get to see him but Osaka is a big city. But I was still there! YAH!!!!
Here is a picture of the Skyline from my hotel room.

We left Osaka the next day for Kurashiki. I have many fond memories of Kurashiki! Here are some of my pictures aka Memories from Kurashiki.

I was able to ride in one of the boats in the Bikan area. I even got to wear the one of the cool hats!

I got to see the brand new mall in Kurashiki. There I found a Jump Shop! My one of my favorite anime/mangas is Prince of Tennis which is in Shonen Jump. Here was the Prince of Tennis section of the store.

Next the Jump store I found an arcade that had a Prince of Tennis figure game. It was able to win this:

After I left the mall, I was able to try my first batch of Takoyaki (octopus puffs).

During tour day in Kurashiki, we stopped for lunch and had bento. It was one of the prettiest looking Bento I have ever seen.

Last on the tour, we went to a School Uniform museum. Upstairs we got to try on some genuine japanese school uniforms. I tried on a boys uniform because I am sure that I would not fit into a girl’s.

In Hiroshima, I got to eat okinomiyaki!

The group of people who went to go eat with crashed a junior high or high school lunch break at a okinomiyaki place.

In Tokyo, this was one of the two stores that “stole” all my money!

I found the a Gundam Cafe in Akihabara!

One of the few places I found Dr. Pepper in Japan!

I saw Fuji-San from the Bullet train. He was being nice and let me take pictures of him!

In Kyoto, I saw some Mako at temple. They where passing out flyers for Kyoto.

I found Anpan-man! He was at Kyoto Station! WOW!

Kyoto Tower from Kyoto Station restaurant

The SMALLEST hotel room I have seen! Kyoto takes the cake!

Another Pretty Japanese Meal!!

My Loot from Japan!

This the place where I met Bangin! Thank you for everything! Next time I will be able to stay longer!!

Found near my hotel in Shinagawa!!!

High Price of fruit in Japan and the prettiness of the package!!!


Tokyo Tower!!! Place of many Clamp animes!!

My Favorite new drink!!!

My Tokiya dream cushion!


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