My Black Friday….Well my Black Thursday experience

I was reading the Black friday ads and found that Walmart was selling all seasons of the Big Bang Theory for $10 each at 10pm. So I decided to brave the crowds and try the my luck at pick all or some of the Big Bang. I left my place at around 9:10pm and drove to Walmart. When I got there the lot was pretty full but not totally filled. So I parked and walked inside. Early I had printed out a map of the store where all the special sale items were going to be at. I immediately went to where the movies were at and stood with everyone else. I lucked out and stood right where the Big Bang DVDs were located. There was nice lady who made a complete DVD sets for herself, the guy standing next to me and myself. This was before the allotted time to open the DVD Crates. Sooo I had all my Big Bang before the stampede started. Which I think made some people upset. I also found that Firefly was in another bin for $10. A really nice guy grabbed me and another woman a copy for us. Once I had my DVD, I was soo out of there!!!

Side note – On my way to Walmart I pass by a building that has a Best Buy and Pet Smart in it. My first thought was ” Why are people camping out for Pet Smart??” Than I realized I was an idiot and those people were in line for Best Buy not Pet Smart!!

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My New Sewing Project

I am working on my new cosplay costume. I am going as Prince of Tennis Musical Atobe Keigo (Kato Kazuki version). See below for reference picture.

I know that my fabric is not exactly the same but it was the closest I could find.

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Eiji Takigawa – Major Hottie from Japan

I met Eiji when I watched Kamen Rider Kiva. He played Riki. After I finished Kiva, I went looking for pictures of Riki and could not find any. SOOO, I re-watched kiva and took screen shots of him from the series. Not everybody can pull off the apron and still look Smexy!!!

Then I started watching the Prince of Tennis Musicals and found out that he played TEZUKA . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
If you did not know by now, I am in love with Tezuka from PoT. He looks pretty good as Tezuka.

So now I am a total Takigawa Eiji fan!! Here is some great websites for Eiji information.

Lots of YUMMY Pictures of Eiji: Eiji pictures
More pictures and information: Eiji Pictures 2
A livejournal account for Eiji Information (not updated recently): Treasure of Age

Kimeru’s Timeless Music Video pictures: My New Kimeru single CD, Timeless
His official website: Takigawa Eiji Website
One of his official websites: Ys Creation

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Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan (薄桜鬼 〜新選組奇譚〜) Figures

I bought these at the Japanese festival at JCCC. They are from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan. They were a impulse buy. For some more information on these figures, go to my friend Ponytale’s website: Goods: Hakuouki one-coin chibi figures (Kotobukiya)

Look their heads come off!!

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Prince of Wild West aka My 30th B-day

For my 30th I decided to have a prince of tennis themed party. Since part of the plan was to see “Cowboys and Aliens”, I went with wild west prince of tennis.

My decorated table.

The cake I made for the party. It is a Tennis ball.

I even decorated my Tezuka and Fuji figures for occasion.

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My new Prince of Tennis Blanket

I found out about these blankets from my friend ponytail over at (Ponytail in LalaParadise). When they first came out they sold out quick! But one day when I was pre-ordering my new Kimeru CD Pollux from CD Japan, I found out that they were being re-issued. I was like I need one of these. The only two that was available was Yukimura from Rikkaidai and Shirashi from Shitenhoji. I got Yukimura. I had to purchase him from Ami Ami because he was sold out on CD Japan. Boy is Yukimura yummy lookin’. The blanket is made with satin on front and cottony/fleece on the back. It is very soft to the touch and pretty warm. The blanket is not as long as I would like but hey I have smexy bishie to sleep with! ;o)

The box and the packing materials. Note the Fragile on the box 🙂

The first peek of Yukimura from box.

Up close picture of the front of the box. The box says “Sleeping Prince”.

The back of the box.

The top half of the blanket. I just removed it from the box. It was still a little wrinkly. He has a sexy look on going on.

The bottom half of the blanket. Enter your own comments here! *wink wink*

Full length picture with a yard stick to show length. It is a little shorter than a yard.

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My Cake decoration class day 2

I am taking a Wilton Cake Decorating class.

We learned how to properly to ice a cake and how to color icing as well. Below is the result from the class.

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Prince of Tennis Cosplay – Kunimitsu Tezuka

One of my friends Bangin from “Japanese words of anime fans, by anime fans, for anime fans” does cosplay and his most recent one was Tezuka from Prince of Tennis. He did an AWESOME job!!! He really looked like Tezuka!

Having the photo shoot at school tennis court and having a great photographer, Uo-chan, helps complete the package!!! His cosplay is one of the best ones I have seen.

Please go over to his website and take a look at Tezuka and other his cosplays. His website
Besides cosplaying, he also talks about other aspects of Japanese culture! So please go check out his blog. Japanese words of anime fans, by anime fans, for anime fans

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The New Kimeru CD – Pollux

I received my new Kimeru CD, Pollux, in the mail. It is his 10th Anniversary CD. It is a self-cover album of some his most popular songs from the past 10 years. As with the last album, it is filled with yummy pictures of Kimeru!!! I wish Kimeru another great 10 years!!! Love ya Kimeru!!!!

Here are the pictures from the cd booklet. Please enjoy!!!!

I love the suit jacket!! I am fan of the Union Jack Flag!

this picture crossed the crease in the booklet.


*faints from hotness*

"would you like to come play with me?"


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Boys over Flowers – Korean JanDi Necklace

While watching Boy Over Flowers, I fell in love with her necklace. I went online and I found one. So I purchased one!! The chain is little small for my neck, so I have to purchase a bigger chain. I can not wait to wear it!!!!


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