Boys over flowers – Korean Version

Boys over flowers - Korean

One day I was looking for something to watch on Hulu, I saw a picture of “Boys over flowers”(this is an adaption of Hana Yori Dango japanese show) in the list of shows. I have read the manga version, so I thought I would give this a try. Little did I know that I would fall in love with this series. This series made me laugh out, cry my eyes out, and yell at the TV. Sometimes this would all happen in one episode. You felt like you were there with them. You could not help but feel the same emotions coming from the characters. There were times I wish I had the ability to help these people out. I know that they are made up but the actors made it seem real to me. After I started watching a few episodes, I was hooked. I made time to at least watch one eps a night and last night I had a marathon of the remaining 6 eps. I did not get to bed until after 2 am.

Even themusic they picked for the show is great. Right now I can pick out the Happy times, the sad times and fun times just from the music. One of the main male actors(Kim Hyun-Joong) is part of band called “SS501”. His band did couple of the songs and he also sang a couple of the songs by himself.

I would love to be able to own this series but I will have to find one with good English subtitles. As to the fact that I do not know Korean.

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My trip to ACen (Anime Central)

In May I went to ACEN in Chicago with my friends. This was my first time at ACEN but for my friends it was bit of a homecoming. They have a lot of friends that they have met over the years at cons and they always try to meet at ACEN every year. Which meant I got to meet a lot of new friends. YAH! Unlike Yaoi Con, I did not have any really Big “OMG” things I wanted to. Okay…there was one it was the Prince of Tennis photo shoot on Sunday. But I knew that I would be able to go to that and I did! More on that later.

I arrived in Chicago and waited for my friends to arrive. Once they arrived we went to have food at Mitsuwa’s. It is a japanese grocery and food court. They have all sorts of Japanese and asian food delights. Then I waited in line with my couple of my friends who had to pick up there badges at con. Which was fun! My feet hurt after it but hey this is Con.

Firday –
First day of con. Today was my Hunny costume from Ouran Host Club. Since I had nothing planed until Hall Cosplay opened up, I walked around with my friends in the dealers room. Even though this was an Anime/Manga con, Dr. who con players were a hot. My friends were dressed up as 2 different doctors and 2 different torchwood characters. So we could not move 5 feet with out some asked for their picture. Which was a little sad at times for me, But I did actually have people come by and ask for my picture too.

Then I went to hall cosplay and they seemed quite impressed my Jacket. I did not win but hey I tried. Then I went to the Ouran Host Club photo shoot. It is here that I realized I brought the wrong the wrong pants for my cosplay. Oh Well! I had fun until I was dropped by a Mori Cosplayer. It was not all his fault, it was my fault as well. Than I went to the Dr. who friday shoot where my friends where at. Just hung out with them for the rest of the day.

Saturday –
Was day of the Hetalia photo shoot. But I did not make it and found out later that I was glad I did miss it. I was Sealand from Hetalia. Here is a picture of me (I am on the left)Sealand While waiting for a friends panel, I walked around the artist alley and had commisioned some Prince of Tennis art. Nothing Yaoi-like just a cute picture of Tezuka and Fuji! Then I went to the panel, it was about gore makeup. It very interesting! I spent most of Saturday walking around and looking at stuff around the convention. I was taking in the sounds and sites of ACEN.

Sunday –
TEZUKA day! Prince of Tennis photo shoot!!!! YAH!! I had been waiting for this all Con. Getting to be around fellow POT cosplayers. I had soooo much fun!!! I cannot wait to do it again!!! This is one of my favorite pictures:TeniPuri Love

Here are some links to pictures that were taken by people who have better photo skills and cameras.
site one:
Prince of Tennis Gathering

Site two:
You will need to choose day three and pages 1 – 5 have pictures from the photo shoot.
Prince of Tennis Photos

I am glad I went to ACEN? Yes.
Did I have fun at ACEN? Heck, Yeah!
Will I go back to ACEN? Yeah!

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IT’S DONE!!!!!!!!

I have completed my Ouran Host club jacket. It took me about 6 months to finish.

Here is a picture of me wearing the Jacket from Ouran Host Club photo shoot at ACEN.

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Boldly going where no anime has gone before…. My Bathroom.

Today my Tezuka Bathroom poster shows up in the mail!!! Thanks to my friend ponytail over at Ponytail in Lala Paradise.

Even though my package was just a poster, CD Japan knows how important Tezuka is to me!

Here is what he looks like.

His place in my bathroom. (temp. hung up for the picture)

The view from the loo!!

It is made from Synthetic paper. Can be pasted on the wall with water. Reusable and removable. I do not know if I will use it like that. I think I might still have it laminated first before I stick it in my bathroom.

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Would you fly with this airline??

I found this today… It kinda scared me.

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Happy 32nd Birthday!! I hope it was wonderful day for you!!! Keep Smiling! Just remember we are here for you and we love ya!!!!

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Naka-Kon 2011

This year I was on the guest staff. I had a wonderful guest to assist at Naka. Her name is Charlene. She works for Funimation as a Brand Manager. She helped bring Hetalia to America. Which by the way is really funny!! She is also a costumer and a cosplayer.
Here is a link to her cosplay website:

She is awesome! Love Ya Char!!! *hugs*

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My newest Prince of Tennis item.

I was able to pick up Ryōtarō Okiayu signature from Yaoi-Con Live Journal auction. So thank you Yaoi-Con for this.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is the day of love , so I will post a few pictures of things I love.

Eiji Takigawa


Prince of Tennis

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My Christmas present to myself

As you know, I am a HUGE Prince of Tennis fan. So when I was surfing Ebay one day (which is a bad thing for me), I found someone selling program books from the POT musicals. Also I am a huge fan of Kimeru and Eiji Takigawa. So I purchased two of programs that had both of them in it. Both programs have lots of yummy pictures. I have scanned all the pictures from Prince of Tennis the Musical program. The Dream Live 1 program is too big for my scanner. I will post a few pictures. If you would like more pictures, I can post them or might post a .zip file or something.

I know I should have posted earlier but I procrastinated. 😦

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