My Trip to Japan!!

This year I was able to go to Japan! WOO HOO!!! I was in Japan for about 11 days. I got to see Osaka, Kurashiki, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo. I went with a group of people from the local Japan-American Society. This was my first time leaving the USA and my first Loooooooog airplane ride. So I was able to watch 4 movies to help kill the time. I landed in Kansai international in Osaka. It was here where I got my first of many drinks from a vending machine.

I was happy that we landed here because it is the hometown of Takigawa Eiji!!! It am huge fan of his!! No I did not get to see him but Osaka is a big city. But I was still there! YAH!!!!
Here is a picture of the Skyline from my hotel room.

We left Osaka the next day for Kurashiki. I have many fond memories of Kurashiki! Here are some of my pictures aka Memories from Kurashiki.

I was able to ride in one of the boats in the Bikan area. I even got to wear the one of the cool hats!

I got to see the brand new mall in Kurashiki. There I found a Jump Shop! My one of my favorite anime/mangas is Prince of Tennis which is in Shonen Jump. Here was the Prince of Tennis section of the store.

Next the Jump store I found an arcade that had a Prince of Tennis figure game. It was able to win this:

After I left the mall, I was able to try my first batch of Takoyaki (octopus puffs).

During tour day in Kurashiki, we stopped for lunch and had bento. It was one of the prettiest looking Bento I have ever seen.

Last on the tour, we went to a School Uniform museum. Upstairs we got to try on some genuine japanese school uniforms. I tried on a boys uniform because I am sure that I would not fit into a girl’s.

In Hiroshima, I got to eat okinomiyaki!

The group of people who went to go eat with crashed a junior high or high school lunch break at a okinomiyaki place.

In Tokyo, this was one of the two stores that “stole” all my money!

I found the a Gundam Cafe in Akihabara!

One of the few places I found Dr. Pepper in Japan!

I saw Fuji-San from the Bullet train. He was being nice and let me take pictures of him!

In Kyoto, I saw some Mako at temple. They where passing out flyers for Kyoto.

I found Anpan-man! He was at Kyoto Station! WOW!

Kyoto Tower from Kyoto Station restaurant

The SMALLEST hotel room I have seen! Kyoto takes the cake!

Another Pretty Japanese Meal!!

My Loot from Japan!

This the place where I met Bangin! Thank you for everything! Next time I will be able to stay longer!!

Found near my hotel in Shinagawa!!!

High Price of fruit in Japan and the prettiness of the package!!!


Tokyo Tower!!! Place of many Clamp animes!!

My Favorite new drink!!!

My Tokiya dream cushion!


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Used Books I bought from Powell’s books

I bought some books from Powell’s Books. I was quite surprised when I found that three of the four books I bought where signed by the author. Which I find really awesome!!!!! Thanks Powell’s Books! If you would like to try your luck with used books or would like a good place to buy books online, here is there website: .





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My Sakura trees

Here are my Sakura Trees Blooming!!! Aren’t they pretty???



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I finally got it!!!


I have been wanting to try neon green pickle relish for a while.

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I hope your birthday is wonderful! Keep up the good work!! Love ya, Eiji! ❤ ❤

Small picture spam!!

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Update on Prince of Tennis Blankets

I was afraid of getting my blankets ruined because the covering on top is satin which can snag easily. So I thought I would hang them up on the wall. I wanted to hang them up with minimal damage to the blankets. I went to craft shop and looked in their framing department and I did not find anything that would work until I found some little clips. But the little were not big enough to go over the blankets edging. Than I had a EUREKA moment! I could use binder clips!
They clipped over the edge and it will leave a small mark but anything short of framing them would leave a mark of some kind. So here are my finished blankets.

Since I do not like to waste stuff, this is what I did with the packaging.

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Prince of Tennis one-coin chibi figurines

OMG!!! They are soooooooo cute!!!! I almost did not get them due to an email getting lost from Ami Ami. So with futher ado …here they are.

Just opened the box. Here we go!!!

YAH!!! I love the Chibis on the box top!!

Another view of the box top!!

Back of the box. They are backgrounds for the figures!!!

All ten boxes!!!

One side of the box

Other side of the box

My first box!! Let’s see who is inside.

I like how Tezuka is on the top with Shiraishi. Also like how they put Atobe and Yukimura on the bottom of the box. I do not know what they are saying but I can only imagine.

Here he is number one…Yushi Oshitari!

Box number 2. Lets see who it is!

IT’S TEZUKA!!!! WOOO HOOO!! He is such a cutie!!!! I love the little glasses!!!

It’s Niou Masaharu!

It’s Seiichi Yukimura.

We are at the half point. Let’s see who is number five!

It is Ryoma! Look he has a tennis racket.

Welcome Atobe Keigo!

Hiya Kenya Oshitari.

Its cutie…Shusuke Fuji!

It is the Secret character…Senri Chitose

The last box. 😦

Ta da…Kuranosuke Shiraishi

Aftermath of my box opening! I did keep the box they came in and one little box.

Here is everyone standing on the box!!

Doesn’t it look like my bigger Tezuka and Fuji figures are babysitting the chibi figures!!

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Some Fun You Tube videos I watched at a friend’s Party!

Here is some of the better videos from the night. ENJOY!!!

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More Prince of Tennis Blankets Information

Thanks to my friend, Ponytale, I was able to procure two more Prince of Tennis blankets! 🙂 This time I got TEZUKA from Seigaku and Atobe from Hyotei. Well…You should know that the Tezuka blanket was no brainer! As for Atobe, I wrestled with the idea and gave in. Do not get me wrong Atobe is favorite non-Seigaku player. The blankets are made with satin on front and cottony/fleece on the back (same as Yukimura). It is very soft to the touch and pretty warm. The blankets are still not as long as I would like but hey I have smexy bishies to sleep with! ;o)

Yah! My Boxes arrive!!!!

I opened the boxes but do not know who is in which box. Let’s find out!!!!

TA DA!! Its Tezuka and Atobe!!! Hello Guys!!!

What the boxes look like outside the shipping package!!!

Removed the blankets from the boxes and placed them next to the boxes.

YATTA!They are Free!

Top Half of Atobe!

Bottom Half of Atobe!

Top half of Tezuka!!!

Bottom Half of Tezuka!!!

Here are all my blankets together on my couch. I have one sexy couch!! I have to say out of all the blankets Yurimura has the sexiest look about him. Tezuka is learning english, so he can talk to me! Atobe is just being atobe!

What do you guys think???

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All can say is that William Shatner did it again!

I can not describe this music video. Please watch and discuss!!

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